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The word "quote" refers to a phrase or passage that is taken from a book, speech, or other source and repeated or used by someone else. When it comes to synonyms for the word "quote," there are several options to choose from. One of the most common synonyms is "cite," which means to mention a source as an authority or reference. Another synonym is "recount," which means to tell or relate a story or event. "Recite" is another option, and it means to repeat a memorized or learned passage or poem. Other synonyms for "quote" include "paraphrase," "allude," "refer," and "mimic".

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    The quote is a short sentence or phrase that is attributed to a particular person or source. It can be used to form an ironic or humorous statement, or it can be interpreted more broadly. A quote can also be used to provide greater insight into the thinking of a particular individual or represents a significant moment in history. Whether used in a casual conversation or in a more formal setting, a good quote can add flavor and enhance the impact of a message.

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