What is another word for killjoy?

Pronunciation: [kˈɪld͡ʒɔ͡ɪ] (IPA)

Killjoy is a term that refers to a person who ruins the fun or dampens the spirits of others. Some synonyms for killjoy include party pooper, buzzkill, stick-in-the-mud, spoilsport, wet blanket, nag, and bore. All of these words describe someone who is negative and has the ability to ruin the mood of others. A party pooper is someone who stops a party from being fun or enjoyable. A buzzkill is someone who ruins the pleasant feelings that were being experienced. A stick-in-the-mud is someone who is not willing to change or does not want to adapt to new situations. No matter what word is used to describe it, a killjoy is someone who takes away the happiness that others are feeling.

What are the hypernyms for Killjoy?

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What are the hyponyms for Killjoy?

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What are the opposite words for killjoy?

Killjoy is a term used for a person who ruins the mood or dampens the spirits of a group. However, there are several antonyms that convey the opposite meaning of killjoy. Some of the significant antonyms of killjoy include delight, joy, happiness, and pleasure. An individual who adds liveliness and cheerfulness to an environment can be referred to as a delight. Joy describes a sense of great happiness or a feeling of celebration, and a person who brings joy to people's lives is a joyful person. Happiness relates to satisfaction and contentment, while pleasure is associated with enjoyment and excitement. These terms all convey positivity and liven up an environment, making them excellent antonyms for the word killjoy.

What are the antonyms for Killjoy?

Usage examples for Killjoy

I'm not going to offer it to you again, nor anything else either, you great hulking killjoy.
"Archie's Mistake"
G. E. Wyatt
His natural turn was to be the very opposite of a killjoy; he loved not merely to be kind to others but to be "merry" with them, Mrs. Thrale tells us: loved to join in children's games, especially those of a "knot of little misses," of whom he was fonder than of boys: and always encouraged cards, dancing and similar amusements.
"Dr. Johnson and His Circle"
John Bailey
He could not help seeing that throughout the whole Carnival adventure she had yielded her cherished reluctances to please him, to show him that she was not stiff or prudish, to convince him that she would not be a killjoy through her devotion to conventionalities which she thought he despised.
"Indian Summer"
William D. Howells

Famous quotes with Killjoy

  • In relation to any act of life, the mind acts as a killjoy.
    Emil Cioran

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