What is another word for crosspatch?

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[ kɹˈɒspat͡ʃ], [ kɹˈɒspat‍ʃ], [ k_ɹ_ˈɒ_s_p_a_tʃ]

There are many different synonyms for the word "crosspatch," depending on the context in which it is used. Some possible options include "cranky," "grumpy," "irritable," "sour," "cantankerous," and "surly." These words all convey a sense of someone who is in a bad mood or easily angered, and who is quick to complain or find fault with others. Other synonyms for "crosspatch" might include "curmudgeon," "grouch," or "misanthrope," which imply a more general sense of a person who is grumpy or unpleasant to be around. Regardless of the synonym used, the idea is always the same: someone who is not easy to get along with!

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How to use "Crosspatch" in context?

Crosspatch is a textile design and printing process where two pieces of cloth or fabric with different weave and design are fused together at a seam. Crosspatch seams are often used in patchwork quilts, to add a contrast in pattern and color.

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