What is another word for downer?

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[ d_ˈaʊ_n_ə], [ dˈa͡ʊnə], [ dˈa‍ʊnə]

Synonyms for Downer:

eastern poison oak (adjective) bore (noun) depressant (noun) depression (noun) dismay (noun) downer (noun) drug (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) nuisance (noun) sedative (noun) eastern poison oak Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Downer:

  1. towner;
  2. encounter;

Quotes for Downer:

  1. I'm learning to accept the lack of privacy as the real downer in my profession. Halle Berry.
  2. Some people asked me if it was going to be a downer to come back and play on a college team after playing on a world championship team, and I don't think they understand what it is like to play here. Lorrie Fair.
  3. One of the greatest things drama can do, at it's best, is to redefine the words we use every day such as love, home, family, loyalty and envy. Tragedy need not be a downer Ben Kingsley.

Idioms of Downer:

  1. have a downer on sb;

Adjectives for Downer:

  • mercenary,
  • morbid,
  • illegal,
  • classic,
  • complete,
  • natural,
  • poor,
  • centennial,
  • all-time,
  • old, old,
  • oldest,
  • total,
  • wretched,
  • quick,
  • wide,
  • hard,
  • powerful,
  • old,
  • more low,
  • major,
  • clean-shaven,
  • thin, grayed,
  • grayed,
  • bitter,
  • wet,
  • dangerous,
  • thin,
  • dead,
  • strong,
  • low,
  • permanent.