What is another word for know-how?

Pronunciation: [nˈə͡ʊhˈa͡ʊ] (IPA)

Know-how is an umbrella term that covers various skills, abilities, and knowledge required to accomplish a task or achieve a goal. Synonyms for know-how include expertise, skill, proficiency, capability, mastery, ability, dexterity, finesse, cunning, and artfulness. Expertise refers to a high level of knowledge and experience in a particular field, while skill denotes the ability to perform a task with precision and accuracy. Proficiency implies a high degree of competency, whereas capability suggests inherent capacity to learn and adapt. Mastery connotes complete control and authority over a subject matter, and dexterity implies exceptional control over physical movements. Finesse suggests a delicate touch or skillful handling of a complex situation, and cunning and artfulness imply a shrewdness and adeptness in achieving specific objectives.

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"Know-how" is a term that refers to the knowledge and skills required to perform a particular task or activity. Antonyms for this word would include "ignorance," "inexpertise," "unfamiliarity," and "cluelessness." These words indicate a lack of knowledge, skill, or experience in a particular area. They suggest a lack of competency and proficiency, which can lead to mistakes and errors. Conversely, possessing a strong sense of know-how can lead to success, efficiency, and accuracy. Therefore, it is essential to work on one's skills and knowledge to obtain a strong sense of know-how and avoid the antonyms associated with it.

Famous quotes with Know-how

  • I thought of such Christian inventions as the ghetto and the Jewish badge of shame. The Nazis didn't have to go very far to pick up their know-how.
    Lionel Blue
  • Just remaining quietly in the presence of God, listening to Him, being attentive to Him, requires a lot of courage and know-how.
    Thomas Merton
  • What we learned several years ago was that one of our weaknesses would be if we didn't develop enough people with the know-how to run our company, it would come to the point where we would just stop.
    Kevin Rollins
  • Writers would submit scripts to me, and if I liked one well enough to submit to magazine editors, I had the know-how whether the story was good or bad.
    Julius Schwartz
  • Knowledge without know-how is sterile. We use the word "academic" in a pejorative sense to identify this limitation.
    Myron Tribus

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