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Smart is a word that can mean many things - from being quick-witted, intelligent, clever, or stylish. When looking for synonyms for smart, we can use words like astute, sharp, brilliant, resourceful or intellectual. We can also use words like sharp-witted or quick-thinking to describe someone who is smart. For a more stylish or fashionable connotation, we can use words like trendy, chic, sophisticated or elegant. Other synonyms for smart can include savvy, shrewd, insightful, canny or knowledgeable. Whatever the context, there are many words to describe someone who is smart or stylish, making it easy to find the perfect word to describe exactly what you mean.

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    Technology has always been evolving, and there is no doubt that it is moving quickly and becoming more and more "smart." This means that technology is getting more and more complex, so it is important for people to be able to use it effectively in order to stay competitive. Here are a few examples of how technology is becoming "smart":

    -A number of devices now come with touch screens that allow users to interact with them by simply touching the screen.

    -Another example is the use of voice search. This is where you can speak a word or phrase and the device will try to find the answer or search for a certain item.

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