What is another word for primacy?

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Primacy is a powerful word, representing dominance and authority in a particular area. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to convey similar meanings. Some of these include supremacy, preeminence, sovereignty, hegemony, and leadership. The word supremacy emphasizes the idea of being above all others in power or authority. Preeminence suggests a position of superiority or excellence. Sovereignty refers to having complete control or power over a particular domain. Hegemony implies dominance through influence and manipulation. Lastly, leadership describes the act of guiding and directing a group towards a common goal. Each of these synonyms can be used to convey the concept of primacy, depending on the context of the sentence.

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The antonyms for the word "primacy" can include words such as secondary, inferior, subordinate, and less important. These words suggest that something or someone is not in the position of highest authority or dominance, but rather holds a lower level of importance. Other antonyms for "primacy" include words like subordination, subservience, and dependency. These suggest a relationship where one entity is reliant upon another for decision-making or control. By understanding the antonyms of "primacy," it becomes clear that there are varying degrees of importance and authority and that not everything can be the top priority.

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Usage examples for Primacy

The primacy of the Dutch is proved by the large amount of Dutch type imported into England, and indeed the Dutch books of the seventeenth century are neater and in better taste than those of other countries.
"Fine Books"
Alfred W. Pollard
He was not prepared, either, to believe that his own new primacy over the Apostles was to result in nothing better than tragedy and defeat.
"The Making of an Apostle"
R. J. Campbell
The name, indeed, of the city occurs as the seat of the council held for the purpose of degrading Malgerius from the primacy of Normandy; but, except on this occasion, Lisieux is scarcely mentioned till the first year of the twelfth century, when it was the seat of rebellion.
"Account of a Tour in Normandy, Vol. II. (of 2)"
Dawson Turner

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