What is another word for what it takes?

Pronunciation: [wˌɒt ɪt tˈe͡ɪks] (IPA)

When we talk about "what it takes" to achieve success or accomplish something, we may use a variety of synonyms to express the same idea. For instance, we can say "the necessary ingredients," "the key components," "the essential elements," or "the critical factors." Other synonyms could be "the required attributes," "the vital assets," "the indispensable qualities," or "the must-have skills." All these expressions refer to the qualities, resources, or abilities that are needed to accomplish a particular goal or task. Regardless of the words we use, the underlying message is that achieving something requires a combination of factors that must be present and working together in a coherent and effective way.

What are the hypernyms for What it takes?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for what it takes?

Antonyms for the phrase "what it takes" refers to the opposite traits, skills or characteristics that may render an individual unsuitable for a task or goal. Some antonyms for "what it takes" include "lacking the necessary skills," "not possessing the required competence," or simply "inadequate." These alternative terms indicate that the individual may not have the skills, experience, or abilities desired to accomplish a particular task successfully, such as leadership skills, decision-making skills, or knowledge in a particular field. Therefore, it is crucial to understand such antonyms to evaluate one's suitability for a particular job or task accurately.

Famous quotes with What it takes

  • We have to deal with the world as we find it. The world of what it takes to get this done.
    David Axelrod
  • I guess if you're lucky enough not to have to pay your rent, then you or I take much more seriously the kind of work that I do, what it takes for me to leave two teenagers of my own and six stepchildren and a husband and four grandchildren.
    Ellen Barkin
  • I think everybody has to be better, right from me out. Everybody has to step up their games for us to be successful here. I've been lucky to be on some good teams over the years and that's what it takes, everybody contributing night after night.
    Ed Belfour
  • If you got what it takes, you'll make it. If you don't, Shakespeare couldn't help you.
    Jack L. Chalker
  • All he wants to do is practice and that's all he does, all day long. That's what it takes if you want to change the face of music. You've gotta be committed to it.
    Jimmy Chamberlin

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