What is another word for linkup?

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The word "linkup" can be defined as a connection or association between two or more things. Synonyms for the word linkup include: connection, bond, tie, relationship, hookup, union, alliance, fusion, merger, correlation, interconnection, interrelation, interdependence, affiliation, and association. These synonyms indicate a sense of unity, cooperation, and interdependence between entities. In modern times, the word "linkup" is commonly used to describe digital connections between people or websites, but it can also refer to personal relationships or business partnerships. Ultimately, the word linkup suggests a collaborative effort to achieve a common goal.

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    How to use "Linkup" in context?

    Since modern internet usage, people have been able to connect with people all over the world through the use of websites and social media. However, not all social media platforms are the same. For example, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to connect with each other and find new opportunities.

    What is linkup?

    Linkup is a free social media platform that connects people who share interests. You can join by filling out a short form, and then linking up with other users who you think would be a good match for what you're interested in.

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