What is another word for affiliation?

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[ ɐfˌɪlɪˈe͡ɪʃən], [ ɐfˌɪlɪˈe‍ɪʃən], [ ɐ_f_ˌɪ_l_ɪ__ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Affiliation:

junction (noun) relation (noun) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Affiliation:

  1. interpretation, proliferation, approbation, documentation, imputation, estimation, hibernation, privation, fabrication, annihilation, obligation, foundation, orientation, ministration, ostentation, cogitation, education, expiration, implication, maximization, association, reaffirmation, dehydration, industrialization, termination, defamation, exploration, exfoliation, dispensation, pacification, connotation, segregation, conversation, deforestation, regeneration, deviation, desecration, preoccupation, articulation, imitation, ratification, remuneration, sophistication, dictation, rotation, liberalization, desalination, inauguration, dissipation, incarnation, excitation, exhilaration, inhalation, retardation, justification, commendation, valuation, coagulation, augmentation, usurpation, replication, clarification, designation, transformation, appellation, monopolization, sanitation, location, fragmentation, emancipation, liquidation, convocation, reformation, prognostication, pagination, annotation, hospitalization, dramatization, deportation, distillation, colonization, orchestration, repudiation, coloration, confirmation, titillation, indentation, desalinization, preparation, inoculation, incarceration, exhalation, stimulation, notification, confrontation, amalgamation, emanation, restoration, incubation, invitation, decontamination, devastation, publication, transplantation, excavation, federation, respiration, reincarnation, initiation, incantation, hallucination, evocation, enumeration, irradiation, naturalization, admiration, mobilization, glaciation, characterization, dalmatian, aggravation, neutralization, recitation, meditation, segmentation, animation, identification, allegation, relocation, denunciation, desiccation, mummification, dissociation, culmination, investigation, oxidation, dissemination, delegation, croatian, visitation, depreciation, manipulation, exasperation, disintegration, exhortation, falsification, detonation, lactation, stalinization, cooperation, automation, recuperation, deregulation, magnification, quotation, domestication, explanation, conservation, differentiation, sensation, revelation, declaration, punctuation, exaggeration, deification, misinterpretation, generalization, sedation, vindication, correlation, urbanization, celebration, exoneration, cohabitation, expropriation, communization, medication, improvisation, saturation, flirtation, creation, procreation, simplification, reverberation, elongation, collaboration, disembarkation, germination, congratulation, temptation, assimilation, vacation, mechanization, discontinuation, concentration, realization, confiscation, proclamation, bifurcation, evaporation, corporation, dedication, altercation, incapacitation, hesitation, aviation, interrogation, constipation, intonation, gestation, invalidation, revocation, vilification, organization, repatriation, solicitation, reparation, authorization, divination, affectation, coordination, navigation, certification, installation, conciliation, nullification, modernization, dissertation, illumination, harmonization, approximation, degeneration, rationalization, amelioration, conjugation, condemnation, fluctuation, glorification, eradication, vaporization, imagination, qualification, stipulation, sequestration, reconciliation, starvation, fertilization, collectivization, ovation, formation, oration, immunization, narration, fumigation, intimation, resignation, miscalculation, corroboration, reservation, habitation, capitulation, masturbation, complication, commercialization, suffocation, overpopulation, elevation, globalization, permutation, categorization, contemplation, irritation, impregnation, subsidization, confabulation, hybridization, salvation, substantiation, operation, compilation, isolation, obfuscation, victimization, congregation, misrepresentation, misapplication, instigation, participation, miscreation, stabilization, lubrication, inflammation, tabulation, contamination, recantation, decapitation, reunification, protestation, occupation, fermentation, coronation, implementation, domination, variation, stagnation, conflagration, revaluation, dilation, situation, adjudication, overvaluation, pronunciation, summation, foliation, calculation, inclination, disorganization, reputation, configuration, predestination, jubilation, premeditation, optimization, rejuvenation, subordination, generation, reallocation, westernization, mediation, recommendation, relation, irrigation, presentation, refrigeration, figuration, mutation, cremation, ovulation, liberation, quantification, resuscitation, triangulation, gravitation, inactivation, reexamination, denomination, disinflation, oscillation, donation, derivation, notation, sedimentation, legislation, illustration, deceleration, fixation, emigration, flotation, nomination, legalization, insinuation, denationalization, unification, libration, delineation, exploitation, speculation, innovation, renovation, agitation, frustration, civilization, sanctification, impersonation, propagation, adaptation, recreation, equalization, marginalization, appropriation, ejaculation, deformation, argumentation, misappropriation, infiltration, perforation, disinclination, organisation, application, reorganization, edification, regulation, desegregation, granulation, normalization, undervaluation, amputation, self-congratulation, perturbation, evaluation, pollination, depredation, translation, menstruation, taxation, diversification, unionization, integration, allocation, vulgarization, excommunication, invocation, renunciation, alienation, malformation, fascination, exclamation, incrustation, constellation, graduation, anticipation, arbitration, appreciation, modulation, transportation, simulation, perspiration, humiliation, pasteurization, experimentation, manifestation, alteration, violation, elimination, relaxation, affirmation, exhumation, reiteration, amplification, infestation, centralization, refutation, disputation, provocation, limitation, disorientation, consultation, vacillation, facilitation, verification, gyration, population, concatenation, reclamation, negation, immigration, vibration, calibration, ornamentation, information, multiplication, avocation, corp, degradation, expectation, purification, strangulation, aspiration, molestation, retaliation, consolidation, equitation, amortization, computation, agglomeration, evacuation, utilization, electrification, expatriation, palpitation, commemoration, insubordination, fluoridation, vaccination, destabilization, cancellation, profanation, assassination, separation, miniaturization, intimidation, inhabitation, pigmentation, confederation, levitation, registration, alleviation, validation, gratification, indication, demoralization, consummation, visualization, emulation, consideration, personification, specification, mitigation, moderation, perpetuation, litigation, condensation, duration, fortification, importation, codification, procrastination, examination, rehabilitation, localization, motivation, preservation, ramification, implantation, extermination, determination, demonstration, instrumentation, magnetization, cultivation, damnation, consternation, combination, destination, trepidation, precipitation, sterilization, embarkation, dislocation, criminalization, infatuation, discrimination, radiation, modification, dehumanization, standardization, rectification, observation, elaboration, authentication, inspiration, communication, nationalization, echolocation, elation, incoordination, ionization, demobilization, tribulation, annexation, reconsideration, deprivation, intoxication, continuation, escalation, polarization, maturation, devaluation, discoloration, decoration, vocation, rumination, gradation, reforestation, inflation, ordination, privatization, revitalization, indignation, socialization, ossification, vegetation, dilatation, consecration, adulation, duplication, classification, demarcation, desperation, deflation, nonproliferation, democratization, reinvigoration, machination, equivocation, origination, deliberation, inundation, conglomeration, representation, specialization, exacerbation, consolation, ventilation, insulation, incorporation, formulation, accumulation, incrimination, negotiation, compensation, remediation, indemnification, desolation, adoration, plantation, decentralization, popularization, prostration, toleration, demonization;
  2. station, ration, nation;
  3. cessation, causation, citation, carnation, castration, alsatian, cetacean;
  4. abrogation, activation, aberration, abdication, accusation, acclimation;
  5. accommodation, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, abomination;
  6. capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. demilitarization, decriminalization, americanization;
  8. internationalization;

Quotes for Affiliation:

  1. The writer is the person who stands outside society, independent of affiliation and independent of influence. Don DeLillo.
  2. We shall say clearly that any symbol conspicuously displaying religious affiliation in school is prohibited. Jean-Pierre Raffarin.
  3. My affiliation with England is borne out by the fact that I do come back for periodic visits. George Shearing.

Adjectives for Affiliation:

  • unknown liberal,
  • casual religious,
  • random and loose,
  • previously concordant,
  • loose and contentious,
  • ultra-fanatical religious,
  • openly fashionable,
  • sororal,
  • old and successful,
  • ethnic or religious,
  • strongest religious,
  • original religious,
  • unobvious,
  • loose-knit,
  • true national,
  • concordant,
  • much closer,
  • new religious,
  • own long,
  • highest-ranking,
  • organizational,
  • contentious,
  • communist,
  • departmental,
  • fraudulent,
  • tentative,
  • random,
  • historic,
  • precise,
  • liberal,
  • fashionable,
  • classic,
  • specific,
  • appropriate,
  • exact,
  • independent,
  • basic,
  • vague,
  • successful,
  • official,
  • previous,
  • distant,
  • strong,
  • old,
  • long,
  • one-time closer,
  • immediate and very active,
  • exceptionally intricate,
  • uninterrupted racial,
  • racial or linguistic,
  • logical and chronological,
  • unknown ethnic,
  • previous democratic,
  • former swedish,
  • new tribal,
  • such past,
  • clean and comfortable,
  • radical political,
  • particular political,
  • certain emotional,
  • factional,
  • own political,
  • confessional,
  • hitherto unknown,
  • putative,
  • collegiate,
  • divisional,
  • more intimate,
  • unquestioned,
  • part-time,
  • chronological,
  • doctrinal,
  • long-distance,
  • scriptural,
  • remotest,
  • generic,
  • peaceable,
  • despicable,
  • impartial,
  • eventual,
  • paternal,
  • hungarian,
  • cultural,
  • swedish,
  • corporate,
  • magnetic,
  • hearty,
  • democratic,
  • austrian,
  • logical,
  • nearer,
  • tragic,
  • moderate,
  • economic,
  • intricate,
  • industrial,
  • strongest,
  • artistic,
  • mutual,
  • loyal,
  • superb,
  • ready,
  • generous,
  • perpetual,
  • remote,
  • literary,
  • comfortable,
  • fatal,
  • physical,
  • necessary,
  • clean,
  • dangerous,
  • happy,
  • military,
  • complete,
  • warm,
  • vast,
  • open,
  • ancient,
  • wrong ethnic,
  • synagogal,
  • political,
  • paid-up,
  • different religious,
  • such strange,
  • undying,
  • partisan,
  • profitable,
  • constitutional,
  • hereditary,
  • closest,
  • probable,
  • subtle,
  • glorious,
  • foreign,
  • more or less,
  • further,
  • less,
  • more,
  • official religious,
  • own religious,
  • familial,
  • linguistic,
  • one-time,
  • cordial,
  • metaphysical,
  • doubtful,
  • intimate,
  • emotional,
  • historical,
  • international,
  • subsequent,
  • temporary,
  • immediate,
  • active,
  • double,
  • possible,
  • local,
  • past,
  • entire,
  • little religious,
  • same political,
  • sectarian,
  • municipal,
  • spiritual,
  • professional,
  • odd,
  • full,
  • strange,
  • thine inappropriate,
  • party-line,
  • sectional,
  • inappropriate,
  • reactionary,
  • unlawful,
  • former,
  • certain,
  • dominant,
  • conspicuous,
  • personal,
  • denominational,
  • governmental,
  • mental,
  • racial,
  • unknown,
  • secret,
  • natural,
  • institutional,
  • primary,
  • long-standing,
  • annual,
  • social,
  • closer,
  • loose,
  • tribal,
  • evident,
  • formal,
  • national,
  • ethnic,
  • true,
  • direct,
  • political,
  • religious.