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The term standoff refers to a situation where two people, groups or opposing entities have a disagreement and neither side is willing to back down. Some synonyms for standoff include impasse, stalemate, deadlock, gridlock, and standstill. Other similar words could be confrontation, disagreement, conflict, or a Mexican stand-off. These words describe situations where individuals or groups are at odds and are unable to reach an agreement. In any given contentious situation, it is important to find common ground for resolution, otherwise, the standoff may persist, and this can lead to even more pronounced and challenging issues.

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A standoff is a situation where two or more people are faced with each other, usually with weapons drawn, at a distance where they can neither attack nor retreat without putting themselves in danger. This situation usually occurs in tense and dangerous negotiations, as well as in high-stress hostage situations.

The term was first popularized in the United States during the Klansman standoff of Gaultier Lee Ross and the FBI at a Communist sympathizer's home in New Philadelphia, Ohio, on 4 July 1964. Ross had been on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List and was wanted for murdering a white man.

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