What is another word for amalgamation?

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Amalgamation is the process of combining two or more entities into one. This word can also be referred to as merger, consolidation, integration, unification, or fusion. A merger happens when two or more organizations or businesses join together to form a new entity resulting in a more significant presence in the industry and more substantial ability to compete with competitors. Consolidation focuses on reducing costs, avoiding competition and achieving economies of scale. Integration provides a seamless blend of two functional areas to produce a more efficient process. Unification may refer to combining different regulatory bodies or legal entities into a single structure. Finally, fusion is used to describe the blending of two or more substances, such as metals, into a single homogeneous material.

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    Antonyms for the word "amalgamation" include division, separation, disintegration, disunion, and segregation. These words refer to the opposite of combining different elements into one cohesive whole, with division describing the process of breaking up or separating into smaller parts. Separation involves creating distance or disconnecting physically or emotionally. Disintegration is the complete breakdown of a structure or system, and disunion refers to the lack of cohesion or unity among different elements. Finally, segregation refers to the separation of people based on differences in ethnicity, race, or religion. Understanding the antonyms of amalgamation can help clarify the meaning of the word and its implications for larger systems and societies.

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    For if this doctrine were strictly carried out, such a country as America, where there is a slow amalgamation of many allied and even heterogeneous races into a new nation, would practically become impossible.
    "George Eliot"
    Mathilde Blind
    Such a Federation would not have been very different from the amalgamation with Piedmont which the other States had just proposed of their own accord; and consequently the Emperor of the French could not well protest against Lord John's proposals without repudiating all his earlier negotiations.
    MacCarthy, Desmond
    The Peelites in 1850, the Liberal Unionists in 1886, and the Irish Nationalists in 1892 formed groups of this kind; but such a condition of things is in its nature temporary and transitional, and usually gives place to a coalition ministry, followed by party amalgamation.
    "The Government of England (Vol. I)"
    A. Lawrence Lowell

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