What is another word for buy out?

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When it comes to business negotiations, the term "buy out" refers to the purchase of all or a controlling share of a company's stock to gain full ownership and control. However, there are various phrases and synonyms to express a buyout scenario. For example, "acquire," "takeover," "purchase," "take out," and "absorb" can all mean the same thing. Other phrases such as "merge with," "consolidate," and "combine" suggest a more collaborative approach in which two companies join forces. "Liquidate," "sell off," and "disinvest" suggest the opposite of a buyout when a company wants to sell its assets and depart the marketplace.

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How to use "Buy out" in context?

In business, a buy out is a transaction in which a company or individual buys all or part of the shares of a fellow company or individual. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including to gain control of the company, to increase shareholder value, or to merge the two companies.

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