What is another word for lowdown?

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Lowdown is a colloquial term that means the rundown or information on a situation or event. If you're looking for synonyms for the word lowdown, you could use words like intel, scoop, details, skinny, or particulars. Other terms that you could use to describe the lowdown could include background, inside information, or the full story. Depending on the context, you could also use more formal terms like briefing, report, or synopsis. Ultimately, the key to finding appropriate synonyms is understanding the tone and context of the situation and choosing the word that best fits your needs.

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How to use "Lowdown" in context?

Every now and then you come across a band or artist that redefines the stereotypes associated with their genre. Perhaps it's the way they dress or the way they compose their music. Whatever the case may be, these bands and artists definitely don't fit into any pre-existing mold. However, what they lack in convention they make up for in creativity, which is why we think the term "lowdown" aptly applies to these artists.

When you think of the term "lowdown," you might think of a shady bar or shady dealings, but that's definitely not the case with today's artists.

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