What is another word for heedlessness?

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[ hˈiːdləsnəs], [ hˈiːdləsnəs], [ h_ˈiː_d_l_ə_s_n_ə_s]

Heedlessness refers to a careless or reckless attitude towards something important. Synonyms for heedlessness include recklessness, indifference, apathy, negligence, thoughtlessness, nonchalance, lackadaisicality, disregard, inattention, and insouciance. Recklessness implies a lack of thought or concern for consequences, while indifference suggests a lack of interest or concern. Negligence refers to a failure to take proper care or attention, and thoughtlessness implies a lack of consideration. Nonchalance suggests a casual and indifferent attitude, and insouciance implies a carefree and unconcerned attitude. Inattention refers to a lack of focus or concentration, and disregard suggests a deliberate refusal to acknowledge something.

Synonyms for Heedlessness:

How to use "Heedlessness" in context?

Heedlessness is defined as the state of being heedless or without concern for the important things in life. People can be heedless in their personal lives, their work lives, and their social lives. There are a number of reasons why people can be heedless. They may be too busy or they may be preoccupied with their own concerns instead of paying attention to the needs of others. They may also be too self-centered or unaware of their own actions and the consequences of their actions. If someone is heedless, it can have negative consequences for them and for others around them.

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