What is another word for magnanimity?

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The word magnanimity can be replaced with several synonyms that carry a similar meaning of being generous, forgiving, and showing kindness towards others. Some of these synonyms include generosity, benevolence, altruism, nobility, liberalism, and largesse. These synonyms represent an individual's capacity for forgiveness and their willingness to help others and to be forgiving even in the face of provocation. The use of such synonyms is vital in enhancing the creativity and beauty in literature by avoiding repetitive terms, thus creating an interesting and diverse language that adequately communicates the writer's message. They also help to expand one's vocabulary, enabling them to communicate with diversity and accuracy.

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What are the opposite words for magnanimity?

Magnanimity refers to a virtue that involves generosity of spirit, kindness, and nobility of character. However, there are also antonyms for this word that encompass the opposite qualities. One antonym for magnanimity is parsimony, which means stinginess, miserliness, or unwillingness to spend money or resources. Another antonym could be pettiness, which encapsulates a lack of generosity, small-mindedness, or meanness of spirit. Finally, cowardice can be considered an antonym for magnanimity, as it represents a lack of courage, fearfulness, or a failure to act bravely. These antonyms demonstrate the importance of embodying the antithesis of magnanimity, and how it can negatively impact one's character and relationships.

Usage examples for Magnanimity

No better proof could be given that the good-humoured magnanimity and sense of fair-play on which English people pride themselves is more than an empty boast than the reception accorded to Defoe's True-Born Englishman.
"Daniel Defoe"
William Minto
He blessed Oliver, who, in turn, had blessed him as though he had displayed heroic magnanimity.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
But when he got to this point in them, Beaton rose to magnanimity and in a flash of dramatic reverie disposed of a part of Dryfoos's riches in placing his father and mother, and his brothers and sisters, beyond all pecuniary anxiety forever.
"A Hazard of New Fortunes, Part Fifth"
William Dean Howells

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