What is another word for prominence?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈɒmɪnəns] (IPA)

Prominence is a term that refers to being well-known or easily noticeable. The word has several synonyms, including eminence, distinction, visibility, celebrity, note, importance, renown, status, and reputation. Each of these synonyms can be used in different contexts to describe the quality of standing out or being distinguished from others. For instance, prominence can refer to the recognition or respect one receives from their position or achievements. Similarly, eminence emphasizes a high degree of excellence or superiority, while distinction implies a unique or exceptional quality that sets someone apart. Regardless of the synonym, each describes a sense of recognition or attention that elevates a person, place, or thing beyond the average.

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Antonyms for the word "prominence" can be a variety of terms that describe the opposite of being well-known, important, or influential in a given context. Some possible antonyms might include terms like obscurity, insignificance, irrelevance, anonymity, unimportance, or mediocrity. These antonyms all suggest a lack of significance, prestige, or recognition. Other antonyms might include terms like humility, modesty, or discretion, which suggest a deliberate avoidance of the spotlight or a desire to downplay one's accomplishments or importance. Ultimately, the antonyms for prominence reflect a wide range of different connotations and contexts, each of which speaks to a slightly different aspect of this multifaceted concept.

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Usage examples for Prominence

Before, however, I touch on that broader expanse, the era of the Flemish School, which began to attain noteworthy prominence in the early years of the 15th century, it would be as well, perhaps, to dwell for a few moments on the history of the noble instrument which is the cause of our foregathering here to-day.
"The Operatic Problem"
William Johnson Galloway
In France the scholarly ideals of the patrons of the first Paris press were reflected in the use for the books printed at the Sorbonne of a beautiful roman type, only injured by the excessive prominence of the serifs.
"Fine Books"
Alfred W. Pollard
The social prominence of the young people-Mr. Claybourne is one of the most prominent business men of our lake city, the president of the Claybourne Manufacturing Company, of Twelfth Street, and Mr. Jevons, the prospective groom, is favourably known for his connection with the Deep Harbor Manufacturing Company, lately acquired by a New York corporation-lends unusual interest to this affair.
"I Walked in Arden"
Jack Crawford

Famous quotes with Prominence

  • It's the thing that you do well that brings you to prominence. The very thing that brings you to success can also be like a curse, because then people think that's all you can do.
    Christine Baranski
  • The teacher who would be true to his mission and accomplish the most good, must give prominence to moral as well as intellectual instruction.
    Sheldon Jackson
  • It's good to keep in mind that prominence is always a mix of hard work, eloquence in your practice, good timing and fortuitous social relations. Everything can't be personalized.
    Barbara Kruger
  • President Obama should be championing American prominence, not apologizing for it.
    Kevin Madden
  • Well I guess my music came to prominence around one piece called 'In C' which I wrote in 1964 at that time it was called 'The Global Villages for Symphonic Pieces', because it was a piece built out of 53 simple patterns and the structure was new to music at that time.
    Terry Riley

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