What is another word for marquis?

Pronunciation: [mɑːrkˈiː] (IPA)

Marquis is a noble title that was traditionally given to a nobleman of high rank. Some synonyms for the word marquis include duke, earl, count, baron, and viscount. These titles are used to identify different levels of nobility in countries that have a monarchy or a peerage system. The marquis title was first introduced in France and was later adopted by other European countries. The rank of a marquis varies depending on the country, but in general, it is lower than a duke, but higher than an earl or a viscount. The use of these titles is mostly ceremonial nowadays and has limited legal authority.

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What are the hypernyms for Marquis?

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What are the opposite words for marquis?

The word "marquis" refers to a nobleman ranking above an earl and below a duke. Antonyms for the word "marquis" may include "peasant," "commoner," "plebeian," or "proletarian," as these terms describe individuals who do not hold a noble title. Additionally, the antonym for "marquis" may be "non-aristocrat," "non-peer," or "non-noble," indicating that the person is not a member of the aristocracy or nobility. Such antonyms represent a significant contrast to the high status and privilege associated with the title of "marquis," highlighting the stark social and economic disparities that exist across different classes of people.

What are the antonyms for Marquis?

Usage examples for Marquis

I have met a certain French marquis, who is attached to the Count de Moustier's embassy.
"The Maid of Maiden Lane"
Amelia E. Barr
Well, when the last night come I lay me down to sleep as peaceful as an angel, and I folded my hands and shut my eyes, and wondered what his beautiful name would be, and if he'd be a dook or a marquis.
"Girls of the Forest"
L. T. Meade
"Try patriarch," murmured the marquis.
"Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir"
Charles Garvice

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