What is another word for esquire?

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The term "esquire" is typically used as a title of courtesy in the legal profession. However, there are multiple synonyms that may also be utilized in place of "esquire." Some alternatives include "attorney," "lawyer," "advocate," "jurist," "counselor," and "notary." These terms all refer to professionals who provide legal counsel or services. "Advocate" and "jurist" may be more commonly used in the United Kingdom, while "attorney" and "lawyer" are frequently utilized in the United States. Regardless of the specific synonym chosen, each refers to a professional in the legal field who has been granted the authority to represent and advise clients.

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    Esquire, a mens magazine, is one of the oldest and most prestigious publications in the world. First published in 1883, the magazine has undergone several name changes and incarnations over the years, but it is best known as the publication of choice for wealthy men who want to dress well and think about the Important Things. Esquire's moniker of The Gentle Man's Bible is an allusion to its generally serious and lofty tone, which is in sharp contrast to the frivolous and superficial content typical of most man's magazine.

    Esquire has always been a publication that borrows from a range of sources, from classic literature to contemporary society.

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