What is another word for mentally ill?

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[ mˈɛntə͡li ˈɪl], [ mˈɛntə‍li ˈɪl], [ m_ˈɛ_n_t_əl_i_ ˈɪ_l]

The term "mentally ill" is often viewed as stigmatizing and negative. Synonyms that could be used instead include "mentally challenged," "mentally distressed," "psychologically disturbed," "emotionally unstable," "mentally troubled," and "cognitively impaired." These synonyms focus on the individual's struggles and challenges rather than labeling them with a negative term that carries stigma and stereotypes. It is important to be mindful of the language we use when describing mental health, as it can impact how individuals perceive their own struggles and may deter them from seeking help.

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How to use "Mentally ill" in context?

The mentally ill are a diverse group with a range of individual experiences and problems. People with mental illness may experience a wide range of symptoms, including mood swings, psychosis, anxiety, and depression.

Mental illness can affect anyone, no matter their age, race, or socioeconomic background. In fact, rates of mental illness are higher among those who are minorities, have low incomes, or live in poverty.

Mental illness can be very difficult to cope with, and can cause great strain on a person's personal and social life. Some people with mental illness may require professional help to manage their symptoms.

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