What is another word for manic?

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Some synonyms for the word "manic" include frenzied, wild, hyperactive, frenetic, overactive, hasty, and impetuous. Each of these words conveys a sense of high energy, enthusiasm, or impulsiveness. "Frenzied" and "wild" suggest a lack of control or a heightened state of excitement, while "hyperactive" and "overactive" tend to connote a level of restlessness or agitation. "Frenetic" suggests a sense of chaos or disorganization, while "hasty" and "impetuous" imply reckless or impulsive behavior. These synonyms can help to convey a range of emotional and psychological states, from excitement and enthusiasm to anxiety or instability.

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How to use "Manic" in context?

Essentially, a 'manic' person is someone who experiences episodes of elevated mood, activity and energy levels. This can manifest as feeling unusually high or euphoric, being extremely talkative, or being excessively happy or animated. Interestingly, hyperactivity and impulsivity can also be associated with manic behaviour.

While manic episodes can be a sign of a mental health issue, in most cases they're simply a sign that someone is extremely enthusiastic about something. For example, if a person is happy and excited about their work, this can be described as being in a manic state.

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