What is another word for potty?

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[ p_ˈɒ_t_ɪ], [ pˈɒtɪ], [ pˈɒtɪ]

Synonyms for Potty:

potty (noun) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Potty:

  1. pavarotti, spotty, scottie, literati, kiribati;
  2. knotty, dotty;
  3. marathi;

Quotes for Potty:

  1. The advantage is I have my family with me all the time. When your daughter takes her first steps or says her first words and your son is going through potty training, I'm not missing any of those things. Larry Dixon.
  2. I enjoy being Jewish, but I'm an atheist... I hate fundamentalism in all its forms. Jews, Catholics, Baptists, I think they are all potty and capable of destroying the world. Warren Mitchell.
  3. Before I was a year old I walked and talked and I was even potty trained. When I started going to school I think I got on everyone's nerves because I used to ask adult questions rather than settle for the stuff usually fed to kids. Sharon Stone.

Idioms of Potty:

  1. drive sb potty

Adjectives for Potty:

  • overly strict,
  • dialectical,
  • little pink,
  • feline,
  • premature,
  • strict,
  • worse,
  • conventional,
  • pink,
  • genuine,
  • terrible,
  • special,
  • high,
  • general,
  • out-of-the-way,
  • chivalrous,
  • hasty,
  • bad,
  • clean,
  • fine,
  • indoor,
  • filthy,
  • metal,
  • portable,
  • full,
  • general,
  • privy.