What is another word for metallic?

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Metallic refers to an object that looks, smells, or tastes like metal, or to something that is composed of metal. Some synonyms for the word metallic are silver, bronze, gold, steel, and iron. Silver and steel are frequently used to describe modern and industrial products, while bronze, gold, and iron are often used for historical and decorative purposes. Other words that suggest a metallic appearance or texture include shiny, lustrous, and gleaming. For example, the shiny silver plates were made of stainless steel, while the sleek and lustrous candlesticks were made of polished bronze. Using different synonyms for metallic can add more depth and variety to your writing.

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    When it comes to describing materials and textures, "metallic" normally denotes something that looks or feels like metal, with its characteristic gleam and sheen. However, there are also several antonyms for the word "metallic," that is, terms that describe the opposite of metallic materials. Some possible antonyms for "metallic" include words such as matte, dull, earthy, natural, or organic. For instance, a matte finish lacks the reflective quality of a metallic finish, while a dull object may appear flat and lifeless compared to the shiny and dynamic appearance of metal. Meanwhile, earthy, natural, or organic materials suggest a more rustic, raw, or muted texture, free from the bright and artificial gloss of metal.

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    The little one is then registered upon the books of the establishment, and a metallic number placed about its neck, never to be removed until it finally leaves the charge of the institution.
    "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
    Maturin M. Ballou
    It gives a clear metallic sound under the hammer.
    James Geikie
    Near by are the hay-ricks and cow-pen where a metallic rattling sound rises every now and then-the bull in the shed moving his neck and dragging his chain through the ring.
    "Hodge and His Masters"
    Richard Jefferies

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