What is another word for reedy?

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[ ɹˈiːdi], [ ɹˈiːdi], [ ɹ_ˈiː_d_i]

Reedy, an adjective that describes something thin and fragile resembling a reed. The word reedy means having a particularly high and thin sound. Different synonyms for reedy are thin, willowy, spindly, slender, lanky, leggy, and delicate. These synonyms help to express the idea of something that is fragile and thin. These words carry the same idea of being fragile and slender like a reed plant. Reedy is usually used to describe natural sounds, such as the sound of a wind instrument or a bird, while synonyms like thin and slender are used to describe people, objects, or materials.

Synonyms for Reedy:

How to use "Reedy" in context?

Reedy is an adjective meaning "sparse, not full or abundant." Reedy plants have few leaves, or they have small leaves that are few in number. Reedy water has low levels of particles, or it is clear or has a low viscosity. Reedy textures are rough and not smooth.

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