What is another word for brazen?

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Brazen is a term that can be used to describe someone who is shameless or bold. However, there are other words that can be used to convey a similar meaning. One synonym for brazen is audacious, which implies a willingness to take risks and act boldly without regard for consequences. Another word that is similar is impudent, which describes someone who is rude or disrespectful in their behavior. Some other synonyms for brazen include brash, forward, and unashamed. These words all convey a sense of confidence and self-assurance, which can be both admirable and off-putting depending on the context.

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How to use "Brazen" in context?

Brazen is a word which means having the courage or audacity to do something in a public way without fear of criticism or disapproval. It can also mean having a bold or flamboyant attitude.

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