What is another word for gilded?

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[ ɡˈɪldɪd], [ ɡˈɪldɪd], [ ɡ_ˈɪ_l_d_ɪ_d]

Gilded is an adjective that describes something that is covered in a thin layer of gold or golden in color. Synonyms of gilded include golden, gilt, gold-plated, gold-coated, golden-hued, gold-toned, and auric. The word gilded can also refer to something that is ornate or showy, and in this context, synonyms include extravagant, ostentatious, elaborate, grandiose, flamboyant, and fancy. Moreover, gilded is often used to describe something that is superficially shiny or attractive but lacks substance or depth. Some synonyms for this meaning of gilded include glittering, flashy, glossy, polished, and superficial.

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    The word "gilded" is often used to describe something that is covered with a thin layer of gold or having a showy appearance. The antonym for "gilded" is "plain" which is used to describe something that is simple or unadorned. Another antonym for "gilded" could be "humble," which indicates a lack of ostentation or excessive pride. Similarly, "simple," "unadorned," and "ordinary" are antonyms for "gilded," indicating the absence of any luxury or ornateness. While "gilded" connotes opulence, lavishness, and extravagance, its antonyms connote plainness, tastefulness, frugality, and moderation.

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