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Mail is a common term that refers to a message or information conveyed through the postal service or electronic means. Synonyms for mail include correspondence, epistle, letter, post, dispatch, communique, missive, note, message, and package. Correspondence and epistle connote a more formal tone and are often used for business or professional communication. Letter and note are typically used for informal communication or personal correspondence. Dispatch, communique, and missive have a sense of urgency or importance and may be used for news or official announcements. Post refers to both the system and the act of sending or receiving mail, while package indicates a physical item being delivered.

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    Mail is a communication system used by humans to send and receive messages. The word mail comes from the Middle English word march, meaning a journey or march.

    Mail can be sent by any means of transportation, including walking, biking, driving, and flying. It is often delivered by postal workers. Mail can also be delivered by messenger services or by email.

    Mail is divided into two categories: physical mail and email. Physical mail includes letters, packages, and cards. Email includes messages sent over the internet.

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