What is another word for oakum?

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Oakum is a material made from old rope fibers that have been tarred and twisted together to form a rough, waterproof caulking material. Synonyms for oakum include hemp, flax, and jute fibers. These materials are similar in that they are all natural fibers that can be woven or twisted together to form a strong, water-resistant material. Other synonyms for oakum include caulking, packing, and stuffing. These materials are often used in shipbuilding and other construction applications where a water-tight seal is necessary. While oakum is a traditional material, modern-day substitutes are also available that offer similar characteristics and performance, making it easier to find alternatives to oakum in certain applications.

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How to use "Oakum" in context?

Oakum is a type of tar used to seal seams in ships, and other water-tight containers. Tar was originally obtained from the sap of the oak tree. The sticky residue that remains on the inside of a barrel after the tar has been tapped off is called oakum.

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