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Bilge is a nautical term that refers to the lowest part of a ship's hull where water accumulates. However, the word also has other meanings and can be used as a synonym for nonsense, drivel, or rubbish. In this context, some synonyms for bilge include claptrap, hogwash, balderdash, twaddle, and gibberish. Additionally, bilge can also be used as a verb, meaning to emit or secrete foul-smelling liquid. Some synonyms for this definition include exude, ooze, drip, or leak. Overall, the word bilge can have several meanings and different synonyms, depending on the context in which it is used.

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Bilge comes from the Dutch word "bilgewaarde" meaning "to provide support for the main body of a ship by means of a series of arches". The bilge can be found on practically any vessel, large or small. It is the lowest, most central part of a ship, and is constantly flooded by the water entering through the ships' holes. The bilge is also where the ship's waterline is.

The bilge is essential to the functioning of a ship.

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