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Cotton is a soft, fluffy fiber that is commonly used for making clothing, bedding, and other textile products. However, there are many different synonyms for the word cotton that can be used to describe this versatile material. Some common alternatives include fabric, material, textile, weave, thread, and fiber. Other synonyms for cotton include muslin, flannel, denim, twill, and canvas. Each of these words has its own unique connotations and associations, so it's important to choose the right synonyms for the context in which they're used. Whether you're talking about clothing, quilting, or home decor, there's sure to be a perfect synonym for cotton that captures the essence of this beloved material.

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Cotton is an annual grass that grows in warm climates throughout the world. The stem is woody and rigid, with a rough surface, and the leaves are oppositely arranged, with a serrated margin. The flowers are small, white, and golem-like, and the seeds are small and white. The cotton plant can grow up to 6 meters tall, and produces cotton lint which can be spun into thread. The cotton plant is a major crop in the USA, China, India, Brazil, and other countries.

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    • Noun, singular or mass
      cot, wool, Cotton-growing.

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