What is another word for lasso?

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A lasso is a rope with a loop used for herding and catching animals. There are different terms for lasso in the English language. A few synonyms for lasso are lariat, reata, riata, and whipcord. Lariat often refers to a lasso used for cattle herding, while reata is a term commonly used in Southern American regions. Riata is a Spanish term for rope, and is used interchangeably with lasso. Whipcord is a term that can be used to refer to a lasso that is thinner and more flexible. Regardless of the term used, lassos are still commonly used in ranching and rodeo sports.

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    Usage examples for Lasso

    You really cannot imagine, ladies, the pains I have taken to throw the lasso over his head.
    "Erlach Court"
    Ossip Schubin
    I promise you faithfully not to try to lasso you again.
    "Erlach Court"
    Ossip Schubin
    As soon as a beast rushed through the gate a green-hide lasso was thrown.
    "In the Musgrave Ranges"
    Jim Bushman

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