What is another word for crookedly?

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[ kɹˈʊkɪdlɪ], [ kɹˈʊkɪdlɪ], [ k_ɹ_ˈʊ_k_ɪ_d_l_ɪ]

There are several synonyms for the word "crookedly" that can be used in different contexts. One word that can be used interchangeably is "askew," which means not in a straight or level position. Another synonym is "slanted," which means tilted or sloping. "Skewed" is also a synonym that means not straight or aligned. Additionally, "cockeyed" and "lopsided" could also be used to describe something that is crooked or uneven. These synonyms can provide a more descriptive and varied vocabulary when describing something that is not straight or aligned.

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    Synonyms for Crookedly:

    How to use "Crookedly" in context?

    The word "crookedly" is a word that has multiple meanings. This word can mean to bend or curve strangely. It can also mean to be deceitful or dishonest. Finally, it can also mean to be crooked in your morals or character. All of these meanings are relevant to the use of this word in language.

    One example of how the word can be used is in the sentence "I walked crookedly across the street." In this sentence, the writer is describing how they walked in a crooked manner. This can be confusing to viewers, so the writer uses the word "crookedly" to make it clear.

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