What is another word for slanted?

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[ slˈantɪd], [ slˈantɪd], [ s_l_ˈa_n_t_ɪ_d]

When it comes to writing, having a range of synonyms at one's disposal can really enhance the experience and quality of the finished product. In this regard, there are several other synonyms that can be used in place of the word "slanted" to add a new dimension to a piece of writing. Some of the best substitutes for slanted include angled, canted, tilted, skewed, and inclined. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, and can be used depending on the context of the piece. So, whether one needs to describe a tilted picture frame or a biased news article, there's always a suitable synonym for "slanted" available.

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What are the opposite words for slanted?

Slanted means having a bias or tilt towards a particular viewpoint, which is often considered unfair or unjust. Antonyms for the word slanted would be words that describe an objective or unbiased point of view. Straight, level, unbiased, impartial, and balanced are all antonyms that can be used to counteract slanted. These words suggest an open-minded approach where all perspectives are considered equally, without any preference given to one over the other. By using antonyms like these, you can convey a sense of neutrality and transparency, which is essential in maintaining credibility and trust.

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Usage examples for Slanted

About forty rod of six-foot guard, and slanted so it'll shoot a fire right into high grass at the head of the coulee and send it kitin' over this way.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower
The line of shadow slanted across his face sharply just at the cheek bone, revealing below it a smoothly shaven surface, and a chin as square and resolute as the shoulders.
"The Man from Jericho"
Edwin Carlile Litsey
The light came gradually, with the icy reluctance of winter; at last a red disk pushed itself above the opposite house-tops and a long cold gleam slanted across their window.
"The Greater Inclination"
Edith Wharton

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