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The word "contender" refers to a person or thing that competes for a particular prize or position. Some synonyms for this word include challenger, competitor, rival, opponent, aspirant, and pretender. These words all convey the idea of someone or something that is vying for a specific goal or objective. For example, a challenger might be someone who is new to a particular competition and is looking to upset the established order, while a competitor is someone who has been in the game for a while and is looking to maintain their position at the top. Whatever the context, understanding the nuances of these related words can help you better communicate your ideas with precision and clarity.

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Contender, a word often used to refer to someone or something that is competing for a prize or achievement, has multiple antonyms. One is the term "non-contender," often used to describe a person or team that is not participating in a competition or is not considered a serious threat. Another antonym is "loser," which refers to someone or something that has lost or failed to win. Similarly, the word "also-ran" is an antonym used to describe a participant in a competition who does not finish in the top few positions. A final antonym to consider is "spectator," which refers to someone who is simply watching or observing the competition but is not participating.

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Usage examples for Contender

One called Puffat, the women alleged, was seen crying out in extreme agony on account of the aggravated torments from his gain-green, as he was summarily dragged out and executed by no less a personage than Conabar himself, to eliminate him as a possible contender for the Headship of the House of Rababull.
"Si'Wren of the Patriarchs"
Roland Cheney
The end of the balcony was jammed; nearly every window framed eager faces; amid a breathless intensity of interest the youthful contender tested the turf with the head of his club and studied the run of the green.
"Flowing Gold"
Rex Beach
I would go jamming my way at top speed toward the train gate and on into the train shed, and when I reached my car I would be 'scaping so emphatically that the locomotive on up ahead would grow jealous and probably felt as though it might just as well give up trying to compete in volume of sound output with a real contender.
"One Third Off"
Irvin S. Cobb

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