What is another word for peas in a pod?

92 synonyms found


[ pˈiːz ɪn ɐ pˈɒd], [ pˈiːz ɪn ɐ pˈɒd], [ p_ˈiː_z ɪ_n ɐ p_ˈɒ_d]

Related words: peas in a pot, peas in, pea and pod, peas and beans, peas in pot, peas and pot, peas in pod

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    How to use "Peas in a pod" in context?

    The pods of peas are regarded as a symbol of fertility and togetherness. peas in a pod have been found throughout history to be a sign of protection and prosperity. These small, sweet peas are Symbolic of strength and durability. The peas in a pod are a sign of unity and connection. The peas in a pod are also a sign of fertility and new life.

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