What is another word for Legumes?

Pronunciation: [lˈɛɡjuːmz] (IPA)

Legumes are a delicious and nutritious addition to any diet. They are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes to increase protein intake. However, if you're looking for alternatives to the word "legumes," there are several options available. One option is to say "pulses," which refers to the dried seeds of legumes. Other synonyms include "beans," "peas," and "lentils." Chickpeas, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, navy beans, and black beans are all types of legumes. Legumes are a popular food source around the world and are often used in vegetarian and vegan cooking as a meat substitute.

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Usage examples for Legumes

The soil-improving benefits of Legumes may be secured by growing them either for harvest as a source of animal food or for plowing under as a means of utilizing them entirely for the development of soil fertility.
"A Living from the Land"
William B. Duryee
Today, the value of Legumes as soil builders is well recognized and we understand much more definitely than Washington did the reasons for their being so helpful in increasing crop production.
"A Living from the Land"
William B. Duryee
Add specific bacteria for the production of various Legumes.
"A Living from the Land"
William B. Duryee

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