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Parity is a term derived from the word "equal". It refers to the state or condition of being equal or equivalent in value, status, position, or power. Synonyms for parity include equality, equivalence, balance, symmetry, uniformity, correspondence, evenness, sameness, identicalness, and similarity. Parity is often used in the fields of economics and finance to refer to the exchange rate between currencies. In mathematics, it is used to describe the relationship between numbers and their properties. Parity is also an important concept in computer science, where it refers to the evenness or oddness of the number of 1s in a binary sequence.

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How to use "Parity" in context?

Parity refers to the state of being equal in strength, power, or influence. Parity can also refer to the equality of people or groups in terms of rights and opportunities. The word parity dates back to the 15th century and is derived from the Latin word pariare, meaning to share in common.

In business, parity is often used when referring to competitive conditions between two or more companies. When two or more businesses have an equal market share, it is said to be in parity. When one company has a market share that is significantly higher than the competition, it is said to be at a technological advantage.

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