What is another word for peeper?

Pronunciation: [pˈiːpə] (IPA)

There are several synonyms you can use for the word "peeper." One common synonym is "spy" or "snoop", which refers to those who watch others without their knowledge or consent. Another synonym is "looker," or "gazer," which describes those who look intently at something or someone. "Voyeur" is a more specific synonym, often associated with those who derive pleasure from watching others engaged in private activities. Meanwhile, "observer" or "witness" can pertain to people who see something happening, whether intentionally or not. Depending on the context, there can be other suitable alternatives to "peeper" which can best describe what you want to say.

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Usage examples for Peeper

Suddenly, amid a furious clamour of the drums, Bakahenzie, Marufa, and one other of the inner cult of the five who had not deserted, led the body of the doctors in a rush into the sacred enclosure, seized upon the startled King and hustled him to the base of the idol where, yielding to the whispered instructions of Marufa, he took the idol once more upon his shoulders and guided by Bakahenzie, walked out of the gate and through the village to the yelling and screaming of the wizards, some of whom, according to precedent, ran about screeching and rattling hut doors, pulling thatches and howling ferociously in search of any sacrilegious peeper.
Charles Beadle
They staid in his room till the sun was high: But still did the feathered one give no sign Of opening a peeper-he might be a sleeper Such as rests on the Northern or Midland line.
"Verses and Translations"
C. S. C.
"It is, indeed," said Mr. Slick, "particularly to him that loses his peeper.
"The Attache or, Sam Slick in England, Complete"
Thomas Chandler Haliburton

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