What is another word for persuader?

Pronunciation: [pəswˈe͡ɪdə] (IPA)

Persuasion is a powerful tool used by many to influence opinions and actions. A persuader is someone who possesses the ability to make people believe or act in a certain way. Synonyms for the word "persuader" include influencer, advocate, lobbyist, negotiator, and salesperson. An influencer is a person who has a large following and can sway opinions through their social media platform. An advocate is someone who speaks on behalf of a cause or organization. A lobbyist is someone who influences lawmakers to create beneficial laws for their cause. A negotiator is a person who works towards a compromise between opposing parties, while a salesperson is someone who convinces people to buy a product or service.

Synonyms for Persuader:

What are the hypernyms for Persuader?

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Usage examples for Persuader

Silver, however, is a great persuader; now it proves a worthy adjutant of its nitrate; the drivers, who are greatly absorbed in the situation, add their encouragements to the reluctant one, and finally agreeing and ably supported by her new acquaintance as leading man, accoutred as she is, she plunges in; conscious attitudes are unconsciously taken,-as taken they always are for photography, be it in Paris or the Pyrenees, by all humankind; and the two wights, humbly and happily serving their separate lives, valued items in Nature's wide summation, stand forth together in the dignity of humanity to mark this trifling meeting in permanent remembrance.
"A Midsummer Drive Through The Pyrenees"
Edwin Asa Dix
One pull on this persuader is more dreaded by the horse than a whole day's flogging with raw-hide.
"Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets"
Daniel Young
That gun of his was a right powerful persuader."
"Brand Blotters"
William MacLeod Raine

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