What is another word for dogged?

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The adjective dogged is commonly used to describe a person or their behavior as persistent, determined and unwavering in achieving a goal. Synonyms for dogged include tenacious, resolute, steadfast, undeterred, unyielding, unwavering and persistent. These words suggest that a person is determined to succeed, even in the face of obstacles or difficulties. Other synonyms that convey a similar meaning of resolute dedication include determined, driven, and committed. Though these words have slightly different connotations, they all describe the trait of never giving up despite any setbacks. Whether you describe a person as dogged, determined, or tenacious, it is clear that they have an unyielding resolve to succeed.

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    How to use "Dogged" in context?

    The word "dogged" has several meanings, the most common of which is "persistent." The word may also refer to a dog's slowness or stubbornness.

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