What is another word for pester?

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The word "pester" holds a negative connotation and refers to a person or thing that pesters or annoys someone persistently. To avoid repeating the same word, a few potential synonyms include bothersome, irritate, annoy, irk, hassle, badger, plague, harass, or vex. Each of these words accurately characterizes the concept of being bothered persistently and could be used in place of "pester" depending on the context of the sentence or paragraph in which it is used. When selecting a synonym for "pester," it is important to consider the intended tone and message of the text and choose a synonym that reflects that tone.

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    How to use "Pester" in context?

    Pester is a verb which means to annoy persistently. It is often used as a verb to describe someone's habit of nagging someone.

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