What is another word for miffed?

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[ mˈɪft], [ mˈɪft], [ m_ˈɪ_f_t]

Synonyms for Miffed:

How to use "Miffed" in context?

When I wake up on a Monday morning, I am all ready to face the day. I plan my day, and I set my expectations high.

This week, I planned on getting a lot done, but instead I found myself miffed.

My plan was to spend my morning at my desk, writing a report for work. But instead, I found myself pacing around my room, taking a quick break every now and then to glare at my unfinished work.

I was supposed to be diligently working on this project, but now I can't focus because all I can think about is how angry I am with myself.

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