What is another word for plagued?

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Plagued, a word commonly used to describe a situation or a person who is troubled by a problem, can also be replaced by several synonyms that can convey similar meanings. Some words that can be used instead of plagued are afflicted, troubled, burdened, beset, tormented, and haunted. These words reflect the sense of worry or suffering that can be associated with the word plagued. An example sentence could be, "The company was plagued with financial troubles, burdening its employees with stress and uncertainty." Synonyms can help to vary language and provide a range of options to express similar ideas.

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    When people talk about being "plagued," it usually means that they are going through a lot of troubles and difficulties. This can be caused by a number of things, but it can often be the result of bad luck. Being plagued can make you feel like you are always in a bad position, and it can make it hard to accomplish anything. It can be a really difficult situation to deal with, and you may need to seek help in order to overcome it.

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