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Porcine is a word that describes things relating to or resembling pigs. There are a variety of synonyms for porcine that can help diversify our vocabulary. One such word is swine. Swine refers to a pig or a hog, and it is commonly used to describe things that are similar to pigs. Another synonym for porcine is piggy. Piggy is a word that refers to small pigs or pig-like features in other animals or objects. Additionally, the word hog can be used as a synonym for porcine, as hogs are one of the most well-known types of domesticated pigs. Overall, these synonyms help us communicate more effectively and creatively, by allowing us to express our ideas and observations in different ways.

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    Porcine is a term used to describe the domesticated animal carrier of swine, Suidae. There are five subspecies of porcine: the Eurasian, East African, South American, Central American, and North American. They are all of one species, Sus scrofa.

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