What is another word for abstemious?

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[ ɐbstˈiːmi͡əs], [ ɐbstˈiːmi‍əs], [ ɐ_b_s_t_ˈiː_m_iə_s]

Abstemious is an adjective that is predominantly used to describe a person with a restrained or moderate lifestyle. Alternatives for abstemious include temperate, moderate, self-disciplined, controlled, frugal, austere, self-denying, and ascetic. Temperate is the closest synonym to abstemious and refers to a person with a moderate and balanced lifestyle. Moderate can be used as an alternative to abstemious to describe a person that practices restraint and does not overindulge in anything. The word self-disciplined describes a person that exercises self-control to achieve particular goals. Controlled describes a person that practices self-restraint. Frugal suggests a person that is economical in spending. Finally, ascetic and austere describe a spartan or monastic lifestyle, often characterized by self-denial.

Similar words: abstinent, temperate, sober, moderate, modest

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    What are the opposite words for abstemious?

    Abstemious is a word that describes someone who practices self-control, particularly in terms of food and drink. Antonyms for abstemious include indulgent, gluttonous, and hedonistic. The opposite of abstemious behavior would involve giving in to excess and desire, enjoying pleasures without restraint. Some people might consider indulgence as an enjoyable way to live, while others view it as irresponsible and unhealthy. Nonetheless, indulgence remains a stark contrast to the disciplined and moderate behavior of someone who is abstemious. In the end, the choice between these two extremes depends on personal values and beliefs about living a healthy and fulfilling life.

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    Usage examples for Abstemious

    Throughout the first course, Cherami put water in his wine, and was very abstemious.
    "Monsieur Cherami"
    Charles Paul de Kock
    Fortunately, his habits of life, always extremely abstemious, and his liking for outdoor sports had been a safeguard for him.
    "Makers of Modern Medicine"
    James J. Walsh
    Sir Harry was, after Mellersh, the most sober of the party, his wound having necessitated his being abstemious, and he turned to the Colonel.
    "The Master of the Ceremonies"
    George Manville Fenn

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