What is another word for corpulent?

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The word "corpulent" means excessively overweight or obese. Synonyms for the word "corpulent" may vary depending on the context. Some synonyms for the word "corpulent" include plump, heavyset, overweight, chubby, fleshy, portly, and stout. All of these words are used to describe someone who is obese or overweight, although some may sound more polite or less offensive than others. In addition, other words such as rotund, tubby, or buxom can also be used as synonyms for "corpulent." Synonyms are useful for providing variety and diversity in writing, allowing for more precise and nuanced descriptions of physical characteristics.

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How to use "Corpulent" in context?

The word "corpulent" is derived from the Latin word corpus, meaning "body". It first appeared in English in the late 14th century, when it was used to describe a person who was bulky. The word was most likely derived from the Latin word for "weight," though this is not clear. Some sources say that the word may be derived from the Latin word for "coarse," and that it refers to someone who is excessively corpulent.

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