What is another word for dissolute?

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Dissolute is an adjective that means lacking restraint, immoral or indulgent in sensual pleasures. Some synonyms for dissolute include licentious, debauched, wanton, lecherous, rakish, promiscuous, decadent, hedonistic, libertine, and unworthy. These words describe someone who lacks moral discipline and has no self-restraint. Dissolute behavior is characterized by a disregard for moral or ethical standards and often includes excessive drinking, drug use, and promiscuity. Synonyms for dissolute often have a negative connotation and imply that the person is immoral or corrupt. However, it is important to remember that these words are subjective and should be used with caution to avoid unfairly labeling someone.

Synonyms for Dissolute:

How to use "Dissolute" in context?

The word "dissolute" is derived from the Latin word "disturbato," meaning "to disturb," which is the root of the word "disturb." Dissolute behavior refers to a state of being out of control or full of sin. People who engage in dissolute behavior are often reckless and don't care about the consequences of their actions. They may also be irritable, reckless, and intoxicated. Dissolute people often act without thinking and don't care about the consequences of their behavior. They may also be emotional and shallow.

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