What is another word for leonine?

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[ lˈi͡əna͡ɪn], [ lˈi‍əna‍ɪn], [ l_ˈiə_n_aɪ_n]

Synonyms for Leonine:

How to use "Leonine" in context?

The leonine family of animals, comprising the lion and lioness, are large cats with a distinctive mane or coat of long, golden-yellow hair. Their coats can vary somewhat in color, but are generally patterned with spots, stripes, or rosettes. They are capable of great speed and strength and are considered to be one of the most muscular animal families. Lions are the most common big cats in the world, but the lioness is more commonly found in areas where there is more prey available. The lion is the primary predator of the lioness and their exclusive top predator.

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