What is another word for feline?

Pronunciation: [fˈiːla͡ɪn] (IPA)

Feline, meaning "relating to or characteristic of cats," is a versatile word with several synonyms that can be used to describe our furry companions. For example, "catlike" or "cattish" are terms that convey the grace, elegance, and playful nature characteristic of felines. "Feliciform," on the other hand, refers to the feline shape or form, particularly the elongated torso and pointed ears of cats. Other synonyms for feline include "furry," "whiskered," "purring," and "miaowing," which capture different aspects of cats' physiology and behavior. Whatever word you choose, it's clear that felines are a fascinating and beloved animal species that enrich our lives in countless ways.

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What are the hypernyms for Feline?

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What are the opposite words for feline?

Feline, a word commonly used to refer to cats, has a wide variety of antonyms. One antonym is canine, which refers to dogs. Other antonyms include avian, which refers to birds, reptilian, which refers to reptiles, and piscine, which refers to fish. Insects such as spiders could also be considered antonyms for feline. Additionally, mammals such as squirrels, mice, and rabbits could be considered antonyms as they are common prey for cats. Feline, in its broadest sense, refers to any member of the Felidae family. As such, any animal that is not of this family could be considered an antonym for feline.

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Usage examples for Feline

Moving in undetected, through the tighter nets of guards around the camp, required the skill and patience of a feline.
"For Every Man A Reason"
Patrick Wilkins
He flashed past them with the lithe movements of one of the feline tribe, and as his nose was set to the next half mile he began to let himself out.
"The Man from Jericho"
Edwin Carlile Litsey
"feline Amenities" again: "How kind of you to call-I'm sorry to have kept you waiting!"
"George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians"
T. Martin Wood

Famous quotes with Feline

  • To err is human, to purr feline.
    Robert Byrne
  • The stones themselves are thick with history, and those cats that dash through the alleyways must surely be the ghosts of the famous dead in feline disguise.
    Erica Jong
  • The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
    Leonardo da Vinci
  • To err is human, to purr is feline.
    Robert Byrne
  • Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity, For he's a fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity. You may meet him in a by-street, you may see him in the square — But when a crime's discovered, then Macavity's not there!
    T. S. Eliot

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