What is another word for belladonna?

Pronunciation: [bˈɛlɐdˌɒnə] (IPA)

Belladonna is a plant that contains toxic chemicals like atropine, hyoscyamine, and scopolamine. These chemicals are highly poisonous and can cause hallucinations, delirium, and even death when ingested. The plant has many synonyms like deadly nightshade, devil's berries, dwale, and witch's berry. In traditional medicine, belladonna has been used for pain relief, sedation, and anti-spasmodic effects. However, its use has declined in modern medicine because of the potential risk of overdose and side effects. Belladonna can also be used in witchcraft and sorcery as an ingredient in potions and spells. Its various names reflect its dark and mysterious reputation throughout history.

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Usage examples for Belladonna

If she had heard, it would only have meant quinine or aconite and belladonna to drive away feverishness.
"The Very Small Person"
Annie Hamilton Donnell
If one could make one's self understood by the aid of fruits and flowers, I would offer to the first burning peaches, the rosy blossoms of the belladonna, heavy roses; to the second, cherries, raspberries, the blossoms of the wild quince, eglantine, and honeysuckle.
"Romance of the Rabbit"
Francis Jammes
The pupils were abnormally large, as though he were addicted to belladonna, but there was a glassy glitter about them which that drug does not produce.
"Youth and the Bright Medusa"
Willa Cather

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